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Jul 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
jose and his two brothers were at a group burial. their father was killed when his twin-engine gun ship went down during the vietnam war. five other men were inside the airplane at the time. their remains were recently found and identified >> they put their lives on the line for their country and they should be given a certain amount of respect when they come back and we're doing that now. >> one of the six crewmembers who was identified was buried earlier this month in oregon >> the threat of an internet meltdown never really materialized. the virus was created by criminal hackers and detected by the fbi last year. the fbi has been running internet servers as a temporary safety net to keep the infected computers online. those servers were shut down last night but only a few users were not knocked off line. >> the federal government has sued them and ordered businesses to stop illegal robotic calls >> it does not seem to help. actually what says there is a huge jump in unwanted and illegal telephone calls. >> maria get lots of phone calls and most of them are from someone trying to sell
Jul 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
project >> no one really knows how much the twin tunnel delta plan will cost to maintain but the initial estimate is $14 billion and it would be paid for by water users. the notion that the tunnels are for southern california and not the bay area is mistaken according to directors who use a different map than the rest of us >> in terms of the state water project, southern california starts at the delta so we are part of southern california >> we need a more reliable water system that is not at the mercy of built levees and state regulatory winds. >> i tell my customers it is not about the others, it is about us. we cannot maintain our current quality of life in the valley where we have such a high reliance on imported water unless we participate in this >> 2.5 million people would see their bills move up. people in all 15 cities in santa clara county and about 40 percent of the santa clara county water district comes from the delta, serving 2 million people. they expect to see monthly water bills to up $5 per month fair. in alameda county will likely be $10 increase >> and thinking of al
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2